weekly / bi weekly commercial cleaning

Behind the scenes: You have much more to do than have to worry about or look into your service providers. S and A Janitorial takes care of everything to insure you are protected. Back-round checks, drug testing, AZ clearance cards, etc. all of these are precautions you need as a client, and S and A  Janitorial does the most possible to keep you safe.

Medical/Dental: Clients spend most of their time in lobbies, exam rooms and restrooms. Floors and restrooms are two key impressions clients take notice of that affect their perception of the facility. An unclean floor or restroom greatly drops the likeliness of return visits.  Both of these factors can be managed by S&A Janitorial Service quality backup systems.

Veterinary: Since veterinary practices save and care for our non human family members, taking care of them means so much more to us. S&A Janitorial Service has the experience and equipment to handle the challenges the present. 

Commercial Office Cleaning

For your employees, your office is often their second home.  That means they spend a large portion of their time there.  Which increases their exposure to communal germs.  To help prevent the spread of sickness in your office, S&A Janitorial Service can help with our Commercial Office Cleaning service.

Retail Showroom

If your business provides products or equipment, it's important your showroom is always looking good. Having your showroom leave a positive impression on your prospects/clients leads to direct results on your bottom line.  S&A Janitorial Service experience and attention to detail you need.

Property Management/Realtors

Tenants can be tough to deal with, and often even the best of them still leave a mess behind when they leave. With invoicing that makes sense, and the ability to handle the work flow, S&A Janitorial Service is perfect for Property Managers and Realtors looking for that little extra for their clients.

Rejuvenation Cleaning

For those businesses that need a good cleaning once or twice a year without a long term contract, S&A Janitorial Service has the solution for you. Rejuvenation cleaning is a one time deep cleaning of your business when you need it.

Event Services

If your planning and event or party at your location, and you really dread the mess at the end, let S&A Janitorial Service take care of the clean up for you.